Given it’s cold outside and everyone wants that air-con turned up nice and warm – cranking through the power, we thought now might be a good excuse to talk about the importance of thermographic testing. Should your switchboard fail, it won’t just be the aircon that’s likely to go down. Depending on how many boards you have in your premises, it could be the whole business or significant chunks of your business left without power. Just think what that would do to productivity – not to mention the whining that would ensue because people are cold. But wait, you don’t have to wait for it to melt down. Thermographic testing allows us to see into the future – so that you can take preventative action sooner rather than later. Thermographic testing requires no contact with live wires and is a non-intrusive safety method use to protect the integrity and foundation of your business. A qualified Randall Electrics & Communications electrician can assess your property and make sure that your electrics are functioning safely and securely. A thermographic test is often required as part of a fire risk assessment by your business’ insurance company or as part of a routine inspection and testing of electrical installations within the business.

The importance of thermographic testing

To ensure the protection and safety it’s necessary to monitor your appliances and switchboards. When your premises’ electrical system fails, it could lead to fire and even greater damage. Almost as bad, when your business’ electrical system fails it can lead to significant downtime at best and a closed workplace at worst. Hence the benefits of having a thermo test are as follows.
  • A thermographic test is fast and reliable – there’s no lengthy service times or waiting around and you can trust that it will produce a correct analysis of your property.
  • Our cameras are portable and produce thorough results, comprehensive imagery and are able to report the extent of damage or corrosion (if found) on the spot!
  • The test is able to pinpoint leaks, blockages, hot and cold spots, and damaged or missing insulation – making sure that any potential for business and property damage is found.
  • It can also be used as a quality control method by evaluating your product to ensure it is functioning to its full capacity.
  • Above all else, the thermographic test is a saver – of time, energy and potentially lives.
Locating potential problems before they become critical, means you’ll be able to make sure that your business is running safely and securely – and everyone has warm toes this winter.   If we can help ensure your staff and customers’ toes stay warm this winter we’d be delighted to book your premises in for thermographic testing. You can call us on 1300 045 103 or drop us a note. If there’s any other electrical work you need done, you can call us or request a quote.
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