If your electrical infrastructure fails, that generally means downtime and unsafe conditions.

You’ll lose productivity, be paying your commercial or industrial staff to remain idle and if that happens, your profits drop too. Don’t wait for the inevitable – your electrical issues can often be detected BEFORE they happen.

Thermographic testing detects ‘hot spots’ (or thermal anomalies) and failing components on your switchboard. Our thermographic imaging is done with an infrared camera and is non-disruptive. It is generally done during business hours whilst your equipment is running. That way we can gauge general running temperatures and look for one or more raised temperatures on each component.

It’s really about preventative maintenance. If we’re able to find and note the faults at a non-critical time, we can help you take preventative action including ordering parts in a timely fashion and replacing components at the optimal time for your business, factory or plant. Ensure you’re not caught unawares during your main hours of trade or operation and potentially reduce your annual insurance premiums. Get your switchboard tested today.


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