Have you ever noticed that having too many lights on can make your rooms feel bland and uninviting. And yet, too little light can make the room seem suffocating and gloomy.Just like the colour scheme within your home alters the feel of each room, the lighting and sources of lighting can act in much the same way. Lighting design matters.Adding different layers of light gives you so many more options for creating exactly the kind of ambience that’s required for any given moment, season or time of day.The use of ambient lighting is usually a combination of colours of lights as well as layers. The notion of lighting design and layering light is becoming increasingly popular as it allows diversity within a room. A shift from every day practical lighting can change to warm, comfortable and peaceful lighting all with the flick of a switch.If you want to highlight a particular feature of a room, maybe a painting, vase or table centerpiece, a spotlight either behind or directly above the area you wish to draw attention to can work quite effectively.The source of the lighting can vary, however, the most practical lighting is from the ceiling. Table and floor lamps cab be added as a second layer to add the depth to the room. The second layer of lighting has the added advantage of being used as practical lighting when a more relaxed tone is required.A third layer of lighting can be implemented with the use of candles. The natural flame from a candle is the perfect last layer as it gives off a sense of meditative relaxation to the room due to the warm yellow light it gives off.

Cool white light

Cool white lights typically give off blue tones. They are infamously known to give off rather unattractive lighting as they cast light on imperfections and can make surroundings look cold, dull and lifeless.

They are generally used in displays that require the emphasis of cool tones such as snow, ice or water related displays or for spaces that need to feel ‘clinical’ – such as clinics, dental surgeries and retail shops.

Task lighting

Task lighting has become popular giving the cool white light bulb the chance to make an appearance in decorative rooms. They produce a clear, clean and direct light that allows the room to feel more open.

Natural white lighting

Natural white lights mark the middle ground of hues on the coloured light scale. It gives off a very natural light that often represents a nice comfortable place with a very casual environment. The use of this hue creates a natural and fresh feel to any room providing a high level of light without glare. This level of luminosity is perfect for numerous colour schemes which undoubtedly makes it the most popular hue to use throughout the home or office.Natural light is in such high demand as it makes everything look appealing. Lighting schemes relying on natural light are called day lighting as it resembles similarity in hue to the natural colour of sunlight.

What about lighting design for room ambience and tone?

Quite similarly to the colour of a room, lighting can dramatically alter the ambience, tone and feel of a room. If your home is feeling on the dull side, ask your electrician to change the hue of your lighting to either a warm white for a cozy effect, natural white for an open fresh effect or a cool white for that crisp clean effect.

If you’re looking to give you home a lift, or you’re doing renovations and want to create warm inviting spaces and want someone to help you get your lighting design sorted, we’d be delighted to talk to you. You can call us on 1300 045 103 or drop us a note.

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