With the cost of energy on the rise and the environmental impact of fossil fuels becoming more well known, individuals and commercial and industrial enterprises  are looking to both improve their energy efficiency, reduce energy wastage and where possible minimise their environmental footprint.

So how can you find energy efficiencies?


Energy efficiencies can be found by switching to energy efficient lighting is a simple and cost effective way to reduce your energy usage. In fact, you could halve your household lighting costs by replacing your old incandescent lights with LEDs and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and fluorescent lights. These will light your space more efficiently and you’ll find you may only need to have one light on instead of two or three for the same space.

As well as the simple step of turning off lights when you’re not using a space, you might also consider installing movement sensors that turn light on and off automatically – especially in rooms like toilets, storerooms and basements where infrequent use might mean lights are left on for large periods of time by mistake.

Use timers, daylight controls and motion sensors in common areas like stairwells, hallways and garages in multi-unit dwellings or commercial premises.

And don’t forget to clean your lights regularly – so that they can actually do the job they’re designed to do.


Everyone wants to be comfortable in summer, but that often means different things to different people, so it can be difficult to find a balance. If you’re able, you might start by opening any available windows for cross ventilation early in the day – but only if you dont have the airconditioning on. Don’t forget to close them in the heat of the day.

Install blinds, window films/tint or awnings on windows that face east or west and are affected by direct sunlight.

Have your lighting checked. Lights often generate extra heat which you might be able to diffuse with more energy efficient lighting options.

If your airconditioning unit is old, not well maintained or installed correctly, it’s likely that you’ll be paying more on your energy bills than you need to. You may well find the cost of a new one, will be off-set by the savings you make on energy.

Set your airconditioner to between 23-26 degrees in Summer. For each degree below that, you’ll use approximately 8% more energy.

And don’t forget to check the filters at the beginning and end of each season as that can dramatically affect your unit’s functioning.

Appliances and machinery

Given it’s almost Christmas and many businesses close for at least a week and families travel away from their homes, try turning off your unnecessary appliances and pieces of office machinery (that aren’t critical) off at the powerpoint when not in use. Yes, even clear out the fridge and leave the door ajar (to prevent mould).

If you’re looking to find your home, office or factory energy efficiencies in 2013, we’d be delighted to conduct an energy efficiency audit. You can call us on 1300 045 103.

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