In one of our latest blogs, we spoke about how much money Australia could save – it was up in the billions! But now I want to focus on how much money YOU can save – especially those of you who run small businesses.

Many small business owners don’t realise the money they’re burning due to energy inefficiencies that occur all day, every day in their offices.

For the small business owner, chances are you focus your time on running your own business rather thinking about the energy that keeps the business going (which is as it should be – good choice). However, cash flow can be tight enough at the best of times, so there’s no point in wasting money on energy if you don’t have to.

After reading this, you’ll be on your way to saving energy and valuable dollars that can be put to better use in your business. We all know how valuable those dollars can be, so I recommend you jump on board the energy efficiency train! If you’re in business energy efficiency really can pay serious dividends.

To get started, the most important aspect of preserving energy is knowing where it is most likely being wasted. It sounds difficult, but don’t worry – you’ll find the answers below (and in next week’s blog post).

Finding business energy efficiency – what you need to look out for (and tips on how to save!): 

Lighting – The easiest and most enjoyable way to save on energy (and also improve the look, feel and comfort of your business). Making changes to the way you light up your business should be the first place you start when saving on energy. It’s easy and it’s enjoyable because who doesn’t like a good ray of sunshine.

  • Turn off your lights when they are not needed – yes, really. During the day, open up the blinds and let the natural light in!
  • Upgrade your lighting. There are so many energy efficient lights on the market, why not use them. Fluorescent and halogen lamps are a good place to start.
  • Clean your lights! It sounds silly; but dust and buildup will reduce your lights’ life expectancy and output.
Office Equipment – This is a great place to look for energy saving. Have you thought about the equipment that you’re using and how much energy it is wasting by just being turned on? Maybe it’s time to start! If your business is office-based, think about the computers, printers and screens that are turned on (and chances are left on). If they’re turned on but you think they aren’t using energy because no one is on them.. guess again!
  • Turn equipment off whenever possible. Not only on the device but at the powerpoint as well. 
  • Electronic devices still use energy even if they’re on standby mode! Turn them off every night and on weekends (if no one is in).
  • Use energy-saving devices. Buy energy star labelled devices! If they cost a little extra, just think about the money they will save you in the long run.
Next post we’ll look at another three big contributors to your energy bill – heating/cooling, hot water and refrigeration and how you can save on those.We’d love it if you joined us on linkedinfacebook or twitter.Of course if you need electrical or other trade services, we’d be delighted to talk to you. You can call us on 1300 045 103 or get a quote now.
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